Monday, February 7, 2011

Lazy Young Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks

So much to say, not enough patience to sit down and write it right now. A lot going on this week.  Instead I'll share a few images captured by my iPhone. Proof that lazy young dogs can learn new tricks. Just so long as the reward is a tasty Mexican dish.

I spied Ron making dinner...


I couldn't believe it either, so I went in for a closer look.

After the Packers won the Super Bowl Ron dug out some buried treasure that he keeps around for who knows what reason. So he can put it on his head when they win the Super Bowl even though he doesn't even like them, apparently. But you know what, I agree. A big hunk of mystery material shaped like cheese absolutely deserves some space in a teeny 1-bedroom apartment.

Ron: What's that say?
Me: Expired. We should throw it out.


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